Rosie Davis

2019 Grant Recipient

Rosie Davis '20

We are pleased to announce that the 2019 recipient of the Spurs Sorority Foundation Grant is Rosie Davis, a member of the pledge class of 2017 and a senior majoring in Sociology and French with a minor in Women and Gender Studies.

Your donations fund our endowment, which in turn at this point in time funds a single grant, which is then awarded to a Spur active. As our endowment grows, so does our ability to expand our pool of grants to help more deserving young women. But for now, meet Rosie:


Hometown and High School: I am originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. But, I have lived in three states and consider them all my home: Louisiana, Wisconsin, and Texas. I graduated High School from Aransas Pass High School in Aransas Pass, Texas.

Major: Sociology and French

Projected Grad year: 2020

Pledge Class: 2017

Extracurricular Activities: FYE Peer Tutor, Academic Honor Council member, PRIDE, and SPURS. In addition to the fun activities, I generally hold 2-3 jobs. I am currently working in the library on campus, and am a waitress/bartender at Bombaaaaaays! :)

Why did you select Trinity University? 

I selected Trinity University for many reasons. One, I knew of family members who had attended and were involved Greek Life. I heard many great stories about their times at the university, and all the friends and memories they held. I wanted the community fostered at Trinity. And I definitely found it!

What kind of plans do you have after graduation?

After I graduate from Trinity University in May 2020, I plan to go onto graduate school to pursue a joint PhD in Sociology and Public Policy in the Fall of 2020. I am spending my summer researching with a professor at the University of Michigan on sexual assault and Title IX policy work. I am torn between Michigan and Harvard for graduate school— they are tied for #1 in the US. That said, I am applying to 12 other schools as a safety net. Stay tuned!

What role did the financial aspect of Trinity play in your decision to attend? 

Ultimately, I chose Trinity because of the financial aid package. As a first-generation and Pell Grant eligible student, I was very worried about the prospect of having to pay for university on my own. My grandmother, the woman who raised me, was unable to help me start and get through college; I knew that I would be on my own in this endeavor. The aid, resources, and community at Trinity really sold it for me. Even with the aid that Trinity offered, I have had to maintain 2-3 jobs every year to make ends meet. This scholarship helps me so much, and I really want to emphasize how grateful I am to have been chosen. Now, I have the ability to devote more time to my applications and wrapping up research projects.

What is the most challenging aspect of Trinity? 

There are so many challenging aspects of Trinity, it’s hard to just name one. And those challenges are going to present themselves in different ways for each student. For me, the most challenging aspect of Trinity was believing I belonged here… And I still struggle with that everyday. Coming from a low-income household, with the highest degree attainment being a GED, I always thought college was a dream I would never get to live. On top of that, I went to one of the lowest performing and funded schools in the state of Texas. My education coming into Trinity was far below the average, and I had to work 3x as hard to keep up in the beginning. Supporting myself while attending college because of my grandmother’s health and financial status has been one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Waking up at 5 am every morning to finish work before class, attend class, eat, and go to work until 2-3 am every day for almost 2 ½ years pushed me to my limits more times than I can count. Then, looking around at your classmates to find their struggles to be very different than your own is isolating and often made me feel like an imposter. So, in short, I think the most challenging aspect of Trinity was convincing myself that I was worthy and smart enough to attend.

Favorite class or professor or both? 

My favorite class has to be History of the Holocaust by Dr.Jason Johnson. His enthusiasm is contagious, and it was just a fantastic class. Everyone should be required to take it! My favorite professor has to be Willis Salomon in the English department. As I said, my experience at Trinity was depressingly isolating at times. I craved adult contact and connections because of those I lacked at home. It took me until the second semester of my Junior year to find Dr. Salomon. He was so warm, gentle, and encouraging toward me. He opened up and was supportive of me in ways that I had never experienced at Trinity. I can see how much he cares about me and my education everytime we lock eyes, and I never realized how much I needed that. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank him for his simple acts of kindness, and explain how much it meant to me.

Favorite Spur event? 

Finishing night. Hands down one of the most memorable nights.


What do you feel like are the most rewarding things about being a Spur? 

I think the most rewarding things about being a SPUR is the community it gives you. I really needed it coming into Trinity. The senior SPURS my first-year changed my life; they taught me how to trust again. And the Alumni! My best friend is a SPUR who is 7 years older than me. Without SPURS, we would have never met. But, I can confidently say that Grace Keesling would fly to the other side of the world if I needed it. She has been there through everything. I’m so thankful for the women SPURS attracts.

There are no ex-Spurs, only Spur-exes.  How do you foresee your involvement with Spurs and Trinity after you graduate? 

That’s hard to say. I don’t even know what I am doing tomorrow. I would like to go into teaching after I finish my PhD, and I think Trinity would be a nice fit for me. Maybe I can come back and be more directly involved as a faculty member. :) Until then, I’ll see y’all at Alumni Weekend!

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